About Us

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Bottle is a publication, written by women for everyone about everything. We don’t bottle it up.

We are whole human beings with careers and informed opinions who also happen to watch YouTube videos and bake cupcakes and have sex. We expect that our audience is the same. We talk about the many parts of our lives, and we insist that work and play are interrelated and equally important.

Bottle bitches are...

smart. We strive to write about things that matter in a way that pushes the discussion.

fun. We want to create content that brings joy to ourselves and to our audience.

bold. We push ourselves to toss our habits, try new things and seek to surprise.

We do this because young women are lectured at, talked about and marketed to, but we’re never invited in to sit at the table.

So we’re creating our own table.

Grab a bottle and take a seat.