5 fashion bloggers to inspire your 2016 look

By dressing solely to mimic trends, people sometimes unwittingly condemn their personal styles to monotony. There is hope yet, though, people — it’s a new year, and it’s not too late to differentiate your look from years past. Instead of seeking inspiration from celebrities and Vogue, though, check out these five lesser-known fashion bloggers: Rian Phin

Rian Phin’s style is just cool. The funky patterns, cuts and silhouettes she wears create a very experimental, yet streetwear-inspired look.  

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Phin combines eclectic thrift shop finds and newer — often American Apparel — pieces that wouldn’t appear to mesh well to most humans, but styles them in a way that they just do. Along with video lookbooks, Phin uploads relatively easy and inexpensive clothing DIY tutorials. Find Phin’s creative styling and DIY ideas on YouTube.

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Jenn Im, a.k.a. clothesencounters, puts her own alternative twist on Los Angeles’ multifaceted style scene, taking from tomboyish streetwear, witchy-grunge and girly trends.

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Im’s stylings explore trends that Big Brother (@Anna Wintour) tends to ignore, but this doesn’t make her styling videos reminiscent of a try-hard hipster. They instead inspire viewers to take fashion risks in a way that pushes their comfort zones, but not so much so that they mask their own original styles and looks. Im’s lookbooks and other styling videos are on YouTube.

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Samantha Maria is a YouTube fashion vet who wears a lot of black and white. Her style is very minimal, but still interesting due to the silhouettes, textures and pops of color she puts together.

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The blogger catches onto trends before they’re picked up by the fashion world, and likewise experiments with her look quite a bit. She mixes edgier styles with “smart,” business-casual ones to create a very signature look. Her lookbook and styling videos demonstrate to viewers that basics don’t always denote a boring style. Find Samantha Maria on YouTube and her blog.

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Svetlana D

Svetlana D is similar to Rian Phin in that she’s quite the seasoned thrifter. She takes the old and adheres it to our generation’s counterculture style tendencies.

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Her look mirrors those seen on Tumblr, featuring grunge and normcore influences. The silhouettes, patterns and colors are pretty eclectic, which makes stylings seem to clash a bit sometimes, but she pulls it off very well. Find Svetlana D on YouTube.

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Chiara Ferragni  

Chiara Ferragni, a.k.a. The Blonde Salad, is currently the most highly-paid and most famous fashion blogger in the world. This isn’t a surprise from a style standpoint — each of her stylings are extremely experimental and different from anything you’ll see in Vogue.


Ferragni’s thrift-inspired, often androgynous style reflects the avant-garde editorials published in i-D and Nylon. She mixes miscellaneous vintage pieces with those straight from the runway to create her original look. Her stylings feature a variety of influences, ranging from sportswear to streetwear and vintage to new-age. Check out Ferragni’s blog or her Instagram page for style inspiration.

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Brenna Bailey

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