Three Ways to Boost Your GPA in 2016

  2016 has dawned and with it a seemingly endless number of New Years resolutions to finally hit the gym and work on that summer bod, to find that special someone, to start eating right, and the list goes on. Sure, you won’t get around to some of your goals, but if boosting your GPA is on the list, don’t give up hope. Instead try these new tricks to change the way you think and study.

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  1. Eat More Food


Kick start your mornings with a healthy breakfast. A 2008 study by the University of Milan reported that high fiber and low glycemic index breakfast foods help keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, meaning more energy and less mood swings. The study also found that eating breakfast can help control your appetite, so when you’re sitting in class you won’t be daydreaming about lunch. For some energy-boosting breakfast choices try eating a Greek yogurt topped with granola, or a bowl of bran cereal topped with fruit. Taking time out of your morning to treat yourself to a tasty breakfast can really start you on the path to a higher GPA.


  1. Take Frequent Breaks


A new study by the people at the Draugiem group, a social networking company that launched the time-tracking app DeskTime, discovered a new equation for productivity. The company found that their most productive workers took measured breaks of about 17 minutes of rest for every 52 minutes of work. These weren’t just normal breaks, reports Draugiem Group employee, Julia Gifford, in her article for The Muse. During breaks, the most productive workers spent time engaging with other people face-to-face, doing quick exercises, or grabbing a snack, rather than just surfing the web or looking at social media. Next time you study, push yourself to focus for 52 minutes and then reward yourself with 17 minutes of freedom. Whether it’s walking around your dorm, talking to friends or doing some quick ab exercises, this new process might just be the equation for you.


  1. Keep Your To-Do List Short and Sweet


Buy some sticky notes and make a list of the top three things you need to accomplish each day. Entrepreneur and Forbes contributor, Vanessa Loder, recommends writing your list the night before so that when you wake up you are ready to divide and conquer. It is important to keep your to-do list short, so that you can reasonably accomplish all tasks that day, without being distracted by a huge number of tasks you need to do within the coming weeks. For students, planners often fill up with crazy amounts of homework assignments due at various times. For this reason it is important to prioritize each and every day the assignments you want or need to work on and complete.


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