How To: Harvesting the powers of the full moon

Moon water A full moon can grant powers, wisdom, and positive energy for those who take advantage. But what if you could bottle up all that energy and use it for the whole month?

Sunday, Jan. 23rd is the first full moon of the year – take advantage and join me (Hippy-witch EIC at your service) while I make some moon water!

What you need: 1. A clear container with a lid. I use a mason jar (so hip)

2. Water (I use tap)

How to make it:

  1. Fill up your clear container with water and close it tight.
  2. Set it outside with a good view of the moon when the moon rises. In Tucson, that’s 5:50 p.m. To find when it rises in your town, check out
  3. Go get your moon water when the moon rises: Here in Tucson, that’s 6:50 a.m. (early, I know.)

What you can do with it:

Moon water is used for lots of spells, but for the less Wicken of you, there’s still a ton of things you can do with it!

  • Use it to water your plants when they’re looking down
  • Put some in your drinking water when you need power/luck/help for the day
  • Use it to bake when you’re making something extra special
  • Put it in your coffee maker for an extra boost of energy
  • Mix it with warm water and Epson salt for a foot bath to remember
  • Put some in with your alcoholic drinks to reduce hangovers
  • Add some to your animal’s water bowl when they’re feeling sick or lonelyFullSizeRender