Spring break alternatives for the not so basic girl


It’s time shake things up and try something new this spring break. Whether it’s ways to explore your community, freshen up your fitness routine or just de-stress without breaking the bank, read up on these local alternatives for spring break. Run a local race or 5K

Nothing perks up a spring break more than getting those endorphins going with a fun 5K race. Look up local races in your city, and if you sign up online, be sure to look for promo codes first to try to score a cheaper deal on registration. Whether it’s a Color in Motion Run or just a small community race, a race is the perfect way to shake off that Netflix binging habit and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Volunteer somewhere

Yes, it sounds super goody-two-shoes to recommend volunteering over spring break, the time that is supposed to be set aside for lounging by the pool and flipping through magazines without a care in the world. But taking a break from all the relaxation to dedicate yourself to another cause is a great way to boost your mood and help others. Look up a local charity and spend one morning sorting canned food, cleaning a cat shelter, reading to kids or doing whatever it is that helps your community and reminds you how amazing it feels to know that you have done something that has helped someone else. Tanning by the pool has nothing on that kind of glow.

Take a day trip

Have you ever wondered what people do when they come to visit your state for vacation? Google it, map it out and go explore. Your state has the biggest living cedar tree in the country or is famous for that one tiny ice cream parlor in the next town over? Go check it out. Embrace being a tourist in your own town and take lots of pictures. When the excitement of coming back home starts to wear off, a day trip can reinvigorate your spring break and switch things up. Day trips are a fun and affordable alternative to make memories during spring break.

Hike a mountain

There’s nothing quite like watching the sun rise or set from the top of a mountain. It’s an awe-inspiring experience that can remind you just how big the world is and how much is left to explore. It also sets the scene for getting that perfect Instagram picture. Even though it may be excruciating to set your alarm one morning during spring break, do it. Run, walk or haul yourself up the side of that mountain and take in the view. What better way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors?

Cook an entire meal

It’s time: you’ve saved all those recipes on your food-themed Pinterest board, and now is the chance to actually put them to use. Without the distractions of school putting a strain on your time and the exhaustion of homework quashing your inspiration for kitchen creativity, you can dedicate the time and effort to making an entire meal. Whether it’s a full-on feast or just ramen with some extra mix-ins, it’s sure to be a nice break from the norm. Invite your friends over for a low-key dinner party, or make a day of it and have a bake-off with friends. Cooking can be relaxing, and the fact that food is involved can only mean a good time.


Ava Garcia is an avid runner and Oreo fanatic. She loves backpacking, going to museums and baking cookies. Nothing makes her day quite like a good book and an iced chai tea latte.