Fit or Shit: The MakeUp Eraser


Fit or Shit is a new series by our beauty expert, Thalia Amill, who tests and reviews a variety of makeup products so you Bottle Bitches don't have to. Sit back, pour up a glass and quickly find out what beauty products are or are not worth your precious time and money. Having really sensitive skin around my eyes has led me on a desperate search for an easy one-step product that takes off all my makeup and also doesn’t irritate my skin. This quest brought me to The Original MakeUp Eraser.

The MakeUp Eraser is a 100 percent polyester towel, which according to the product's description, takes off all types of makeup — waterproof, stage, sports and theatrical —with just warm water. LOL OK. We’ll see.

For the sake of journalism, science and beauty, I will conduct two separate tests with this product. On day one, I will wear my everyday makeup: concealer, foundation, eyebrow powder, liquid eyeliner and mascara. For the second day, I’ve decided to do some costume makeup inspired by pop art. And so the experiment begins…

My first impression: The packaging is bright pink and in the shape of an old school pink eraser I used in grade school. (Bonus points for that packaging idea.) The towel is incredibly soft and, just like the container it came in, bright pink.

There are two different sides of the towel; the shorter side is used first to remove the makeup and then the other side with the longer “hairs” is used to exfoliate the skin afterwards.

Day One

After soaking my towel in warm water I begin to wipe my face in circular motions, as the instructions say I should.

I am also instructed to not wipe too hard or be too rough with my skin, though I worry my eye makeup won't come off completely if I use a lighter hand. So, I turn it around to the longer side and get a little rough, and I’m actually quite surprised. After a few swipes over and under my eyes, all of my eye makeup appears to come off easily.

Day Two


First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU for the Snapchat filter that inspired me to try the comic book-themed look. I'm so happy with how it turned out and also so ready to wash the three layers of makeup I have on my face.

Once again, I drench the tiny pink towel and get to work. The black I used to outline my features is a waterproof formula, so I’m already anticipating this being more difficult than the first trial. The short side wipes away the product around my face and lips pretty easily, but the black I have on my brows is giving me problems. Even after scrubbing harder with the longer side, I still feel like I haven’t quite removed all of the product from my eye area, but still more than I would usually remove with just water.

Rating: FIT

Overall, I would say this product is pretty fit! I would definitely recommend it for my lazy Bottle Bitches. The Original MakeUp Eraser doesn’t leave a residue on your skin like standard makeup wipes and removers. This wonderful little towel can be found at Sephora, in store or online for $20. It comes in three different colors: pink, black and red.

If you get The Makeup Eraser, you are just one simple step closer to a clean face after a long night. All you’ll have to do is soak this magical towel in warm water and in less than five minutes, you’re ready for bed without the fear of waking up with terrible raccoon eyes and spots on your face from your clogged pores.

Thalia is a modern day Wednesday Addams: rarely smiling and dark clothes, but with great eyebrows, lipstick, and a love for One Direction. In her free time, she can be found inside avoiding the sun with a glass of Rosa Regale, probably either touching up her nose contour or adding more color to her hair to make herself resemble a peacock.