Scars: Death


Symptom 9: Thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide.

“First I'll whisper softly to you

All those things you've learned to fear

Then I'll reach into your heart

And pull you slowly near

In your trembling heart

I'll plant some seeds of doubt

And nurtured by my darkness

Those seed begin to sprout

Once I've taken root I'll feed on all your pain

And everything you do

Will seem to be in vain

From your darkest nightmares

I'll send those nagging "why?"s

But I'll be there to comfort you

When you begin to cry

Just when you start to worry

I'll suggest some remedies

That razor by your bedside

Might put your mind at ease

Just be sure not to tell a soul

No, they'd never understand

Remember I'm the only one who'll ever hold your hand

Just know I'll never leave you

No, I'll never let you go

I'll be the only one beside you

I'll confuse everything you know

I'll reach into your life

And take hold of those you love

Convince you they'd be better off

If you were with God above

And once I've taken everything

I'll be your only friend I'll whisper softly to you

That it's time for the end

I'll wrap my arms around you

And snuff out all your light

But I'll be right beside you

When you decide to take your life.”

-Autumn D.

Graphic by Joey Fisher

Scars is a visual series that is here to express those days where you can’t get out of bed, but mostly for other women to know that they are not alone. You can see the entire series here

Joey is a Ron Swanson wannabe who enjoys the finer things in life. She is a page designer for newspapers that are located on the West Coast. She enjoys her two cats and Chinese food more than most people. Whiskey and wine keep her warmer than sunshine.