Starving Artist #2: Foxx Bodies


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Club Congress in Tucson, Arizona is empty. I sit in a chair in front of their stage accompanied by the bouncers and a sound guy who unimportantly and continuously turns the mic on and off, on and off.

Then Foxx Bodies get to the stage. Fifty people swarm my once calm table and begin cheering.

Bella, the lead singer, is more of an actress and leading woman than anything else. Her words carry weight and her full, demanding voice fills the room, as I’m sure it does any room. It’s sexy, angry, smart and rebellious. They create the sort of environment everyone wants to be a part of, simultaneously making their audience feel included in their music and feel like they’ll probably never actually be cool enough to be part of it all.

Women often feel a dirty trade off between femininity and doing badass shit. But Bella has no problem combining the two: clad in pigtails, she plays for the men and women in the room who want to see a good show.

But, the whole band agrees that gender has never been allowed to play a role for any of them. The band is half women and half men, and none of them are particularly infatuated with their gender.

“Hell, I’d be surprised if you could find me actually wearing pants in the summer,” Adam said. “It’s fucking hot.”

The way the band works together, Bella Vanek on vocals, Matthew Vanek on bass, Bailey Moses on guitar and Adam Bucholz on drums, is astounding for a group of musicians who only recently began playing.


Back in September, Bella started opening up about her sexual abuse.

“How cathartic it would be to start playing music,” Bella thought.

But she didn’t know how to play any instruments well enough to lead a band herself, and while she couldn’t write music, she could certainly write lyrics.

At the time, Bailey and Matthew were involved in their own project called Desert Mambas, and after much argument and strife, they decided to combine the two and call themselves Foxx Bodies.

The Foxx part was easy. Just like foxes, “we’re cute and we’ll ruin your life.”

Who are your favorite bands?

*disclaimer: these particular musicians listen to too many to list. For the full list, please attend a Foxx Bodies concert and ask for additional musicians to listen to.

Bailey: Shannon and the Clams Bella: Any woman that is screaming, usually at a man, is my wet dream. Including, but not limited to, Bikini Kill and Old Man. Adam: The ’93 [Rancid] album is the first album I ever bought. Also likes Old Man, The Sovietts, Minor Threat Matthew: Ducktails, Rob Stevenson, Los Saicos

Who are your favorite feminists?

*disclaimer: these particular musicians love a lot of feminists. For the full list, please attend a Foxx Bodies concert and ask for additional favorite feminists.

Carrie Brownstein, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Kathleen Hanna, the Broad City Babes, Kim Gordon, Loretta Lynn, the girls in this band

Correction: In the original version of this article, we published that one of Adam's favorite bands was Minor Thread instead of Minor Threat. It has since been updated.

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