5 fashion staples for the 20-something-year-old


Being a 20-something-year-old is a pivotal time in a young woman's life. This decade might involve attending college, graduating, entering the work force, taking on the world to pursue dreams and success, and conglomeration of other things, like casual dating, serious relationships, networking and blossoming friendships. A versatile wardrobe is important for all these milestones in your 20s. Here are five fashion staples you need in your wardrobe: Blazer


There is just something about both owning and rocking a blazer that makes me feel like a sophisticated woman ready to take on the world. A blazer can turn a t-shirt and ripped jeans outfit into a bold look that screams, “I’m not taking anyone’s shit today!”

While you can never go wrong with a black blazer, step outside your comfort zone and don a blazer in bright colors, such as red or blue. As for the professional world, a blue blazer adds a pop of color to the mundane black slacks with a white dress shirt. From a day at the office to partying at night, a blazer is a must-have in your closet that will not disappoint.

Pointed Flats


A pair of cute flats can really dress up a pair of jeans or complement a dressier outfit if you don’t feel like putting your feet through the torture of heels. I have three pairs of black flats and could probably use a more colorful pair, but black is always a safe bet because it goes with anything and looks chic. I prefer pointed flats to rounded flats because they can be a bit dressier than rounded ones.

My sequined black flats are my go-to. When I was nervous for a class presentation, I had to give, these flats gave me the confidence boost I needed. There is nothing wrong than plain black flats, but if you want to spice up your footwear and be a bit more bold, get a pair of black flats with some sort of embellishment, sparkle or detail!


Button-down dress shirt


My white button-down dress shirt is my go-to when I want to wear my ripped jeans but also want to look more put together. Any button-down dress shirt can complete a business-casual look, paired with a pencil skirt or slacks. But, the button-down shirt is not restricted to the professional world! I like the simplicity and clean look of a crisp white button down, but again, you can’t go wrong with adding color to your dress shirt.


If there is one thing out of this listicle that you I urge you to go get now (yes, right now) it is this — the Little Black Dress. The LBD, even before pizza, is something you can always rely on. From the office setting to happy hour after work to a night out at the club, this dress will not disappoint. Some LBD’s are a bit more club scene than others, so check with the dress code of your work before walking in Monday morning rocking your little black dress.


If you do decide to wear an LBD to work, you can dress it down with a cardigan or dress it up more with a blazer. If you do plan on getting multiple uses out of an LBD, then choose a dress that is simple. You can always dress up the rest of your outfit with accessories depending on the occasion- plus, it allows for more flexibility depending on the type of outfit that you are going for.

 Good ol’ jeans

The motto I live by is when life hands you a good pair of ass-hugging jeans, buy them. Seriously though, jeans are the most versatile article of clothing a woman can own. Just rolling out of bed to meet friends for brunch and need pants? Jeans. Have a cute blouse you want to wear out but not be too dressy? Jeans. Whatever the occasion, jeans will always be your trusty go-to.

High-waisted, ripped, light wash, dark wash, flared, skinny, you name it they are all wonderful (though I will never be a fan of boot cut jeans on myself). My piece of advice is to invest in a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans because there are more options when pairing them with footwear: flats, booties, wedges, heels or sneakers.

Meghan is a pug enthusiast interested in social justice, environmental issues, Latin America and women’s rights (both here in the U.S. and around the world). When she’s not worrying about postgraduate plans, Meghan binge-watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jane the Virgin. She’s still uncertain about the career path she will pursue after graduating, but would like to work in international development and public policy one day. Until then, she’ll keep watching videos of Doug the Pug while sipping whatever bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is on sale.