Here's a bunch of politically active dogs


Dogs are [wo]man's best friend. Sometimes we all hate this election but, during those dark times, it's important to think of the sweet parts of politics: dogs.

Here are my fave presidential pups:

1. This dog that was forced to do the pledge at a trump rally but is still so cute [youtube]

2. Would vote for this dog b4 this man

3. This lil guy who was v upset Ted Cruz didn't make it through the primaries.

4. Dog President and Kid President bffs 4ever

5. These pups, just trying to get the vote out

6. This #MakeAmericaFurryAgain and #ImWithFur pup

7. This dapper young guy

"Keeping it classy this 4th!" writes @Gogogiggs. #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by Dogs of Instagram (@dogsofinstagram) on Jul 4, 2016 at 5:38pm PDT

8. This pup who's making cute political

9. Galaxy here, who was protesting Trump at a rally, even though this pup understands what it's like to have strangers obsessing over your hair

10. This lil guy

11. This computer savvy pup

12. #ImWoofHer

13. Buzz, who wants Trump to win. So "dad can get a better job"

14. This dog 4 prez

15. Not a dog, but this LOOK at this ALPACA at the DNC

16. Finally, an answer to the age old question:


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