What to do when you're feelin like trash

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You're running late, you got some really horrible news, you're lonely, you messed up at work, you're stressed, you're going through a break up, you just wake up sad... The reasons are seemingly endless, and so is the pain. Ultimately, deep down, you know you're a boss ass bitch, but you just can't get it to come out. We've all been there. Sometimes, you just need a good cry (let yourself), and sometimes you need something else. For when you need something more, here's what some of the Bottle Bitches do when we're feelin' less than 100:

Jenny Aranda: "When I'm feeling down I put on Beyonce's most FIERCE videos starting with Flawless*** and sing it while crying until I feel fierce. Or I take a nap."

Brenna Bailey: "I look at pictures of dogs and vent to my bf and/or bffs tbh"

Elizabeth Eaton: "First, I cry it out, because it makes me feel better to get all the tears out. Then I talk it out, with whoever is nearby (My roommate, dad, professor, bf). When I say it out loud enough it bothers me less and less. Finally I game it out, because I don't have time to be sad at the world if I'm raging at a video game."

Ava Garcia: "When I'm feeling down, I go for a long run and turn my music up loud!"

Michelle Jaquette: "Throw on some sweats and watch New Girl with a glass of lemonade."


Katelyn Kennon: "Tbh jigsaw puzzles lol. I think they help me feel in control and like I'm being productive but I can also focus on something really small and detailed. I do them online. Otherwise my room would be a mess. Also murder themed podcasts."

Hannah Moran: "I like to take a bath and snuggle with my cat."

Jacquelyn Oesterblad: "(1) Go to a coffee shop, buy something hot, and sit. Just sit. (2) Cook myself something while listening to The Rachel Maddow Show podcast. (3) Convince my friends to let me win Settlers of Catan."

Megan Rudy: "I call on my friends. They do the same for me. It's a team effort, really. We always make a game plan together and typically it involves large quantities of pho with extra Sriracha."

Christianna Silva: "I go one of two ways: 1. mac n cheese (pretty much anything and cheese) and Breakfast at Tiffany's or 2. yoga and a run. And I always call my mom."

Lanni Solochek: "When I'm feeling down, I usually throw on my partner's sweater that I stole from her, get a pint of Ben and Jerry's (The Tonight Dough if I can find it, or Americone Dream or Chubby Hubby) and watch my favorite Grey's Anatomy episodes or SNL skits. If I'm still feeling crappy after that, I'll usually go to the gym and do a really intense leg day."

Meghan Witteman: "Most of the time when I'm down it's because of something that's outside of my control. So I try to find something healthy that I can control and do that. It reminds me that I'm self sufficient and doing the best I can."

Mia Moran: "My go-to is always either watching The Office or Parks and Rec, coupled with getting heaps of food delivered and confining myself to my bed until I feel better. And if all else fails, a good nap can cure almost anything."

Something no one said but we all totally meant: "Masturbate!"