An Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump


Dear President-Elect Trump,

You did it. You were elected President of the United States. Your party controls the House and the Senate. You’ll probably appoint the next Supreme Court Justice.

You are in a position to affect more change than other Presidents in recent history. You’ve got Congress and momentum from a passionate campaign. You made a lot of promises on that campaign, and people are looking to you for change.

I won’t lie to you. I did not vote for you. The things you said during your campaign frightened me and made me wonder if you’d be able to truly represent me, as a queer woman. You probably have heard that a lot of people are feeling that way right now. We’re scared, and our future is uncertain. It seems to a lot of us that our future is in your hands and that you are prepared to cast us aside.

You have been given a great honor. You have been given the most powerful platform in the world. When you speak, people will listen. When you act, it will have the force of law. When you speak, it will be as the representative of our entire nation.

Can you represent me, President Trump?  Can you keep your promise to “Make America Great Again,” for everyone?  For LGBTQ+ individuals, for African Americans, and for the Latinx community?

As I said, you are in a position to affect more change than anyone. A lot of us are scared about what kind of change you’re going to make. I will admit, I am scared.

But I have to believe that you will be a President for everyone, like you said during your campaign.

I have to believe it is possible for you to find a way to reform our immigration laws while being fair to the millions of undocumented immigrants and their families who are working so hard to make a living here. I have to believe it is possible for you to combat terrorism without persecuting the population of Muslim-Americans who love their country and without allowing the deaths of innocent civilians abroad. I have to believe that you can bring back jobs and stimulate the economy without destroying our environment. I have to believe you can balance the First Amendment rights of everyone, including people who disagree with you.

I have to believe that you can and will do these things, President Trump, because the alternative is a dark future, indeed. A future where the color of your skin determines the quality of your treatment and where your sexual orientation is a matter of public debate. A future where being an immigrant, as everyone’s ancestors were at one point or another, is suddenly a crime. A future where wealth is put above the environment, accelerating the devastating effects of Climate Change.

The decisions you’re about to make will go beyond the years of your Presidency. They will affect millions of people for generations to come. What kind of world will you leave them? What kind of world will you leave for your grandchildren, and their children?  What will history have to say about your term as leader of the free world?

President Trump, you have a lot of work to do to win the trust of the communities which you attacked or insulted during your campaign. I have to believe that this is work you’re willing to do. We want an America that’s great, too. We want jobs, and security, and safety. We want to be able to have faith without fear, to love without limits, and to contribute to the growth of the country we call home.

There’s nowhere else for us to go, and there’s no one else to represent us. You represent us. Please, please remember us.

I hope you’re a great President. I hope that we experience growth during your term, both socially and economically. I hope that you’ll make me want to vote for you for a second term. I hope you change my mind about you and your policies. I hope to be proud to call you my President. Millions of us, the half of us who voted for someone other than you, hope for this.

Please don’t let us down.

Autumn Davidson is a perpetual college student working in the wonderful world of medical cannabis. She's a proud pansexual, pagan feminist who's probably passionate about too many things, including espresso. She enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, and hoarding animals. On a typical night, you can find her attached to her hookah and watching a horror flick.