The Resistance: Today's To-Do List


Ever get tired of shouting into the void? Feel like posting 13 calls-to-action on Facebook is maybe not succeeding in calling anyone to action? It me.

So welcome to The Resistance, the weekly column where we tell you exactly what you can do today to fight against the excesses of the Trump administration. (And this is a man with golden toilets, so it's all excessive.)

Do this. Share this. And drop us a line in the comments to let us know what we missed.

Today, November 28, 2016:

  1. Read this to understand the strategy behind calling your reps.
  2. Look up your representatives using this website. The website will guide you to their D.C. phone numbers, but you should also google them to find the numbers for their district offices. (For example, I call my senator, John McCain, at his phone number here in Tucson, which I found here.)
  3. Call your senators to demand that they condemn the appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist. Tell them not to work with the transition team or to approve any appointments as long as an anti-Semite is in the White House.
  4. Call Paul Ryan to demand that he, as Speaker of the House, condemn Steve Bannon. If your representative is a Republican, call them, too.
  5. Call your senators again. This time, demand that they vote against the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney-General. A Republican Senate has shot down Jeff Sessions before for being too racist. Let's do it again.
  6. If there is an anti-Trump protest near you, join it.
  7. Donate to the ACLU and the NAACP. Jeff Sessions referred to them both as "un-American" in his last Senate confirmation hearing.
  8. While you're at it, post about this on your social media feeds. Shame the hell out of Governor Snyder, and if you live in Michigan, call him. Trump isn't the only piece of sh*t in government right now.

Now get out there and make democracy happen.

Jacqui is a terrible dinner party guest—she only knows how to talk about politics and religion. On a typical Friday night, she can be found binge-watching her current Netflix show of choice, playing Civilization: The Board Game and drinking <$8 bottles of champagne.