How to make a smudge stick

Smudge sticks are big, fat, wrapped sticks of herbs. They're burned in many cultures for cleansing, protection, luck, love and more. There are tons of places you can buy smudge sticks in your neighborhood, but it's also very easy to make on your own. I use them often and I use them well. So join me, bbs, because goddess knows we'll need the help after 2016.
1. Go for a walk or a hike and collect your materials. You'll need sage for sure, and anything else you'd like to use. I got a pine for my base, loads of sage, and a bit of embellishments. You'll also need scissors and twine.

img_3882          img_3886

2. Collect your base. I used a mixture of rosemary, pine and sage.


3. Add a couple of embellishments. Flowers are great here.


4. String your base together and tie it.


5. Finally, cover it, and I mean cover it, with sage. Then hang them up in a well ventilated, dry place until they dry up.


6. Enjoy! And click here if you'd like a guide to how the herbs you choose can affect you and your environment. 


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