Vloggers to get you through the holiday season


Christmas is right around the corner – malls are filled with shoppers, lights are strung from rooftops and cheerful music is taking over the radio – but that doesn't mean that we are all feeling the spirit of Christmas. If you don't feel like ice skating or going on a sleigh ride, or just need an afternoon away from your (probably) crazy relatives, cozy up with some hot cocoa and experience the Christmas spirit from the comfort of your home with these YouTubers who are vlogging every day until Christmas.



Zoe Sugg is THE queen of Christmas. From decorating literally every room in her house to baking Christmas dishes and attending holiday parties with the YouTube Elite, she goes all-out, all of the time.

In addition to Vlogmas, her main channel videos are great for feeling jolly, and include festive jumper and homeware hauls, Christmas treat recipes and holiday collabs with your other British YouTube faves. Her videos tend to be lengthier than most, running about 25 to 30 minutes a vlog, giving you a longer playlist to binge-watch.


Tanya Burr

I love Tanya's Christmas videos because when she isn't out and about, she's at home baking and spending time with her friends. Each year, Tanya throws a Christmas party, and it is always one of my favorite vlogs amongst her Vlogmas series. Tanya always inspires me to get extra cozy at home by running a bubble bath or baking cookies, which is just what I need during the holiday season (and for 2016 overall).


Estée Lalonde

Estée is possibly my favorite vlogger and YouTuber in general. For being in the public eye, she remains true to herself, and isn't afraid to be honest about the fact that she's human and just wants to stay home in her PJ's from time to time. Her Vlogmas series is much more laid back, but she still does fun, holiday activities from time to time. Her boyfriend Aslan and adorable greyhound Reggie make guest appearances, and you will want all three of them to be a staple in your subscriptions into the new year.


Claire Marshall

Claire, aka HeyClaire, is one of the coolest chicks on the Internet, and even her Vlogmas shows it. Every clip and edit to her videos is taken into consideration, and you will feel like you’re watching both an art film and having a conversation with an old friend while watching her videos. So far her Vlogmas has taken her from Los Angeles to Paris and London and back, and you can live vicariously through her travels this holiday season.


Dan and Phil Games

Okay, so they aren't really vloggers, but they are both such a part of the YouTube landscape that you can’t NOT watch them around the holidays if they’re putting up videos. They are doing a gaming video every day until Christmas, and if you need some serious laughs and want a break from Vlogmas, they are a great option with Gaming-mas. Their silly sense of humor and hilarious dynamic can always cheer me up, and you will undoubtedly go on a rabbit hole through their older videos if you haven’t watched them before.


If you want more classic Christmas Dan and Phil games, then their 12 Days of Dilmas series – where they play the Sims 4 for the 12 days leading up to Christmas (duh?) – is a must-watch.

Hannah Moran is an aspiring pharmacist and a semi-professional car dancer. When she’s not cramming for chemistry in the University of Arizona library, she’s either teaching color guard or binge-watching YouTube videos in her pajamas. You can find her drinking a hazelnut iced coffee or perfecting her Sirsasana yoga stance.