The Resistance To-Do List: Holiday Edition


Give yourself the greatest gift this holiday season: The gift of knowing that you won't go down without a fight. Here's how.

  1. This Russia thing is bad. Like, really, really bad. If you choose only one issue on which to take a stand (which: ??????), this should be the one.
    • Call your representatives in the Senate and House to demand that they support a Congressional investigation into the hacks.
      • As always, call both the D.C. and district offices of your senators and representatives. If you need help finding your reps’ information, start here.
    • During that call, demand that they oppose the appointment of Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State on the grounds of his disqualifyingly close relationship with Russia. (Not to mention his status as an oil baron and complete lack of government or diplomatic experience.)
    • Then, call Paul Ryan at (202) 225-0600 and Mitch McConnell at (202) 224-2541 to demand that they stand up to Trump on this issue.
  2. Because of this Russia thing, the Electoral College is requesting an intelligence briefing before they vote on Monday. As far as I can tell, there's no way for us regular folks to support them in that request, but there is a thing going around the interwebs asking us to support Nancy Pelosi in a request for a delay of the EC vote until that briefing materializes.
    • Go to her website.
    • Send her the following message:
    • Dear Honorable Pelosi: I am writing to you as an American citizen who is deeply concerned that our President-Elect has numerous unresolved conflicts of interest. Also, we have just learned that his campaign received support in the form of interference sponsored by the Russian government. These unprecedented irregularities must give us pause in the process of transferring power. Our electors need time to review all relevant evidence and think deeply about their votes before the Electoral College is scheduled to meet on 12/19. Therefore, I cannot urge you strongly enough to personally contact President Obama to request a temporary stay of the electoral vote. Thank you for considering my concerns.
  3. There's still the matter of the Trump's conflicts of interest, which get worse every day and which he's refused to address until after the EC votes.
    • Pantsuit Action Network has set up a great tool for this. Text INVESTIGATE to 528-86. You will receive a link to fill in your info, sending an automatic email to your reps.
    • You should continue to call the House Oversight Committee Chair at (202) 225-5074 and the ranking member at (202) 225-5051 to demand that an investigation into the conflicts go forward.
  4. Don't forget about state politics! The North Carolina Republicans are making an unprecedented and undemocratic power grab after their gubernatorial candidate suffered a surprise loss in November's election.
    • Talk about what's happening on social media and in real life.
    • Call the Senate Majority Leader at (919) 715-3034, the House Speaker at (919)  733-3451, and the current Governor at (919) 814-2000. Remind them that the last time their state was on the receiving end of this kind of national outrage, it cost them $400 million. We're watching them again.

That's it! Do one thing on this list each day, or do all of them during tomorrow's lunch break, but for god's sake do something.