How to love your New Years resolutions when you're a busy bitch


I have made New Years resolutions every year since I can remember. My mom and I would sit down at the table and brainstorm as many as we could, then pick the top few. As I got older and moved away from home, the tradition continued, but over the phone instead of across the dining room. But, I've found, the absolute best way to stick with a new years resolution is preparation. I research which ones work best for my lifestyle. I look back on the past year and see what I need to improve on. Then, I try to make it really count early on, with challenges that move me towards my goal a little bit faster while I'm still feeling that new-year-new-me glow.

Pro tip: keep up with challenges or resolutions by keeping a bullet journal along the way.


  1. Yoga Camp with Adrianne Yoga with Adrianne is easily my favorite online yoga experience. If you, like me, prefer to do your yoga outside, on your own time and for free, then she'll probably be yours too. I've done this Yoga Camp with Adrianne a couple times and absolutely love it. It doesn't take much time and it gradually and easily pulls you back into yoga. [youtube]
  2. Love Sweat Fitness challenges Also perfect for the busy bitch, sign up for Katie's (free) email subscription, and every month she sends you 14 day no-gym, low-equipment challenges. I've been subscribed for about a year, and it's dope af. Every challenge doesn't take longer than 30 minutes a day, and the 14-day limit means instant gratification. And being able to pick and choose your challenges each month is definitely a plus. During the challenge, there's a social media movement you can follow and involve yourself in to keep up the motivation.

Mental health:

  1. Meditation challenge Here on Bottle Magazine, we've talked a lot about the positives of meditation. I meditate every day and without it, would be a sad no-fun bum. Try 30 days of meditation in 2017.
  2. Sex challenge Whether you have a partner or not, orgasms and sex are really important for a happy life. Try having sex every day for 30 days, or flip through 100 different positions in 2017.
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  4. Daily affirmations I am a huge fan of daily affirmations. I put them on my bathroom mirror, have a list of them on my cell phone and sometimes remind myself of them when I'm on a run or meditating. It's really weird when you first start doing it, though, so kicking it off with a 30-day challenge will help you move through that first stage of oh-my-god-this-is-fucking-ridiculous.

Social Justice:

  1. The Resistance To-Do List We've made this one easy for you. Twice a month, we're releasing the Resistance To-Do List: a list of things you can do to today to fight against the excesses of the Trump administration. It doesn't take much time, and it's important as fuck.
  2. Become a mentor This year, make it a resolution to become a mentor to a young girl. Be it a family member, a student, a younger classmate, or a girl from SHE-CAN, inspiring young women to be the best they can be is quite possibly the best thing you can do in today's male-driven society.


  1. Art challenges Challenge yourself to take more pictures, paint more canvases, learn new instruments and sing more songs in 2017.
  2. Writing My favorite writing challenge is the National Novel Writing month that takes place in November. While you don't HAVE to do this in November, it is a lot of fun to surround yourself with other writers online while you complete a novel in 30 days. Make 2017 the year you write a novel or journal every day.
  3. Reading It is hard to make time for reading when you're a busy bitch. We have plenty of tips, but start off 2017 with a 30-day, read 30 minutes every day challenge. Better yet, join the Bottle Bitches Book club or make an article club with your friends!

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