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There’s something about the start of a new year that makes us feel like we can (and should) finally get our shit together. It’s time to redo our closets, start a new diet, and pick up a novel from that pile of unread books that has been sitting untouched for months. If you’re a working girl that needs extra inspiration, it’s time to revamp your social media too. Fill your Instagram feed with all things motivational and aesthetically pleasing - and the best way to do that is by following these #girlbosses who are killing it. Now in between your friend’s selfies and adorable puppies, you can fuel your life with career and aesthetic #goals.

Elaine Welteroth, Editor, Teen Vogue

Ever since Welteroth took over as editor in May 2016, Teen Vogue has become more than a teen fashion mag, reporting on real issues such as the Dakota Access Pipeline and Trump’s troubling cabinet picks. Recently, they’ve been getting extra attention for Lauren Duca’s scorching op-ed about Donald Trump gaslighting America. She’s also made history as the youngest (and second ever African-American) editor-in-chief in Conde Nast history. Her instagram is full of #BlackGirlMagic, giving followers a glimpse into life at Teen Vogue, all the cool people she’s met (ranging from actress Amandla Stenberg to activist Deray Mckesson), and of course, her killer outfits.

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Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO of Glossier Inc.

It seems like the beauty brand Glossier came out of nowhere when its signature pastel pink and white ads started appearing on our Facebook feeds. But Emily Weiss started building her beauty empire when she started her blog Into the Gloss in 2010. Glossier launched four years later, and the brand quickly built a cult following with its Instagram-worthy products and word of mouth marketing. Weiss, a member of the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 List, is an Instagram queen with over 207 thousand followers and the most enviable aesthetic.


Sophia Amoruso, Founder of Girl Boss and Nasty Gal

Amoruso has built THE girl boss empire - not only is she the founder of Nasty Gal, but she’s the author of two New York Times bestselling books, #girlboss & Nasty Galaxy, the host of Girlboss Radio, and executive producer of Girlboss TV and Netflix. It’s a miracle that she has time left in her schedule eat, sleep, and post on Instagram. Her feed is the ultimate source of inspiration for any working girl. And for an extra motivational boost, follow @GirlBoss, which is full of quotes from other badass women.


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Jen Gotch, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Bando

Bando products are must-haves for any aesthetically-minded working girl, and these days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing their adorable phone cases, planners, and stickers in stock. Not only is Jen Gotch the creative mastermind behind these products, she’s also the inventor of the Mouth Mimosa™ (and once you learn what that is, you’re going to wonder how you got this far in life without it). Her feed is full of Bando-style bubblegum pinks and cool girl vibes, and her Insta Stories are full of Mouth Mimosas™ and her other crazy antics.


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Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships, Instagram

If anyone knows how to create a killer instagram feed, it’s Eva Chen, the app’s head of fashion partnerships. Her signature shot features her shoes, bag, a piece of fruit while chilling in a taxi on her way to her next meeting or fashion show. Also, her family is super super cute and she’s the queen of maternity fashion.


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Lizzy Plapinger, Half of MS MR, Co-Founder of Neon Gold Records, and Vevo Host

Plapinger is taking over the music industry as both a musician and a savvy businesswoman. She’s best known for being one half of indie pop duo MS MR, and her record label, Neon Gold, has the most impressive roster of artists (including Haim, Icona Pop, Marina and the Diamonds, and Charli XCX!). To add to what must be an insanely crazy schedule, she’s also joined Vevo as the host of their Dscvr series. Her insta is filled with art that inspires her, artists that she’s hanging out with, and selfies featuring her amazing fiery red hair.

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Tavi Gevinson, Founder and Editor of Rookie Magazine, Writer & Actress

It’s crazy to think that Tavi Gevinson is only twenty years old. She’s long been known as a champion for teenage girls, but now her Instagram documents her foray into adulthood. Her feed features her wonderfully unique sense of fashion, her experiences working on Broadway, and best of all, her political and social activism.


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Audrey Gelman, Co-founder, The Wing

The internet has been buzzing about Audrey ever since October, when she co-founded The Wing, a women’s only social club and co-working space in NYC. Before The Wing, however, Gelman was already making waves in the world of politics, as a press aide for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and then communications director for Scott Stringer’s campaign for NYC comptroller. Now she’s using her PR expertise to craft The Wing into a delightfully feminist brand with the most enviable Instagram feed and merchandise to bring her aesthetic into your own life.

Other honorable mentions:

Piera Gelardi (@pieraluisa), Executive Creative Director & Co-founder, Refinery 29 and 29 Rooms

Miki Agrawal (@mikiagrawal), CEO & Co-founder of Thinx and Icon Undies; Founder of Tushy and Wild; Author of Do Cool Shit

Whitney Wolfe (@whitwolfe), Founder & CEO of Bumble

Lauren Singer (@trashisfortossers), Founder & CEO of The Simply Co.

Molly Young (@magicmollys), Director at Warby Parker

Rachel Antonoff (@rachelantonoff), Fashion Designer

Mallory Blair (@yourpalmal), Co-founder, Small Girls PR

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