Basic Bitch Diaries: New Year, New Me

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Hi, my name is Mia and I am a self-proclaimed Basic Bitch™.

I love Taylor Swift, spend way too long taking flat-lay shots of my meals in public and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think the dog Snapchat filter was goddamn adorable. So, yeah, I'm about as basic as they come.

I'm also guilty of gaining what is known as "happy weight" that comes with the excess eating out and celebration of a new relationship - which brings me to my New Year's Resolution:

Eat healthy, work out and lose weight!

I know - it's The Most Basic of basic New Year's Resolutions - but I'm going to embrace that, and document it on Bottle while doing so.

I want to live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully save money by eating out less. More specifically, I'd like to get in shape by running the Bronx Zoo 5k in April, which means training starts now.

My plan is simple: Cut calories, up my veggie/protein intake and lower my carb intake, and start by exercising realistically, which for me is twice a week.

I'll be documenting everything here on Bottle once a week, and on a more frequent basis over on Twitter.

I have the Pinterest boards at the ready for workout tips and meal prep ideas, a freshly stocked fridge of healthy food for the week and a crockpot recipe going for two-bean chicken chili that will be my lean lunch this week.

And of course, I have the support of my Bottle ladies as I document my journey to a healthier lifestyle, even if it does make me even more basic than I already am.

Mia is an aspiring cat lady and obsessed with books, beauty, and pop culture. By day she works in publishing in New York City, and by night she can be found in bed, drinking Moscato and binge-watching YouTube videos.