2017's Rising Pop Queens

pop queens.png

If you’re an indie-pop fiend like I am, 2017 is an exciting year for music. Two of my favorite artists, Lorde and Haim, are finally returning from the dead and releasing new albums (!!!). For the past year, I’ve been filling the empty void they’ve left behind by hunting down other indie pop cool girls and falling in love with some incredible artists. This playlist is full of up-and-coming female acts that are bound to blow up this year:


Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs transitions from whispering Lorde-esque mysterious verses to belting out AWOLNATION-style intense choruses like it’s no big deal. This past year she’s only released five songs, but she’s already opened for Coldplay, Passion Pit, and The 1975. I’d highly recommend catching her live show if you can - she’s a tiny ball of nervous energy in between songs and then ends up blowing you away with her powerhouse voice.


Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers was one of 2016’s biggest internet sensations thanks to a viral video of Pharrell’s reaction to listening to her song, ‘Alaska,’ in an NYU masterclass. The perfectly timed video got her a record deal straight out of graduation, and now she’s prepping to tour and release an eagerly-anticipated EP.



Dagny is the Norwegian bubblegum pop cool girl that we’ve all been waiting for. This girl is an expert and crafting the perfect pop song, with the catchiest hooks and most addictive choruses. Her recently released Ultraviolet EP perfectly captures what it feels like to be young and in love, reminiscent of songs like ‘Boom Clap’ by Charlie XCX and ‘Tightrope’ by Walk the Moon.



MUNA, a trio consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson, is the best combination of Haim’s LA-cool vibes and catchy 80’s synth pop. Better yet, they’re using their platform to speak out on issues they care about, especially LGBT causes. Their track ‘Loudspeaker’ encourages you to use your voice, proudly declaring “I am a loudspeaker,” and their newest single ‘I Know A Place,’ is the ultimate queer girl anthem.



Why isn’t the whole world obsessed with Verite yet? For the past couple years, this indie pop singer has been releasing a steady stream of singles and EPs and has received millions of spins on Soundcloud and Spotify. Ever since releasing a viral cover of The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else,’ she’s been perfectly poised to release a debut album.

Isabelle is an aspiring music industry executive who spends most of her paycheck on concert tickets and cold brew coffee. She currently resides in New York City, where she is studying music business and juggling more internships than is humanly possible. She also co-founded an a cappella group, Baruch Blue Notes, because she is a giant music nerd. Her friends all call her Izzy, and sometimes they call her “Virginia” for no apparent reason (it’s a long story).