Beauty looks for every kind of Valentine's Day celebration


Not everyone does Valentine's Day the same way, but for those of you venturing out into the real world, you're about to look dope af. Whether you're single and hating, casually dating, in a committed relationship or are just craving those sale prices on chocolates on February 15th we've got your makeup look covered. Regardless of how you celebrate, here are the products to make it the best Valentines Day yet.

The double booked dater

Are you a social butterfly? Did you happen to get asked by two different people to accompany them on Valentines day? If you have happy hour drinks and a dinner date crunched into one night, with limited time to get ready in between, stop worrying. We got you. This versatile pallet from Tarte makes it easy to turn your neutral day look into a dark, sultry night look.


The limited edition shades Messy Bun, Date Night and Posse can be used to add some simple color to your day date look. And Glam Girl, Girl Code and Sweetie can be added to make you look irresistible for your dinner date. Bonus! The shade Live Boldly is a great check color with some shimmer in it to give you a peachy glow.

The procrastinator

Alright so you didn’t have any plans except cleaning your cats litter box and diving into a few bags of popcorn (not at the same time I hope) but you log onto Tinder and low and behold you have someone asking you out… Why not? You might get a free meal out of it if anything.  Thank Goddess for spray on nail polish!


The product needs to be used with the specific base coat and top coat, to ensure that the nail color sticks to your nails and nothing else. The steps are very easy; start with clean filed nails, use the base coat and let dry, spray your desired nail color on (outside or over some news paper so you don’t make a mess) and let dry, and then apply the top coat. Once that is dry you can wash your hands and the color should come off of your skin, but not your nails.

Protip: Nail polish dries faster when you dunk your hands in ice water.

The Girls Night Out

Maybe you’re spending the holiday with your favorite lady friends for a round two of Galentine's Day. In the wise words of Leslie Knope, “ Ladies celebrating ladies. Its like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus Frittatas.” Unlike a crusty Tinder date, your best friend will notice and commend you on your dope-ass cheek bones and contour looks. So give ‘em something to talk about over mimosas and forget how single you are.


The berry tones in the Modern Renaissance pallet are the perfect way to add some festive makeup to the occasion. This baby has 14 shades to help customize your look, 11 matte and 3 metallic. Share it with the gals, and you can all easily use the pallet and all come up with loads of different looks, neutral and dramatic.

The Sappy Valentine

On Wednesdays we wear pink…. And also on Tuesdays when that’s the day of the week Valentines day falls on… Highlight the fuck out of your face so everyone knows you’re the most loving Valentines Goddess there ever was.


Add this highlighter, cleverly named Regina George, to the top of any blush to bring out the color like nothing you’ve every worn before. Or you can wear it by itself. The pigment is strong enough so you’ll blind your loved one no matter what you decide to pair it with!

Note: Most of Jeffree Star's Skin Frosts can be used as an eyeshadow, but not this one. It's considered “eye safe” due to the intensity of the pigment, it may stain the lids.

No matter how you decide to spend the holiday or who you spend it with, these products will help you look and feel your absolute best.

Thalia is a modern day Wednesday Addams: rarely smiling and dark clothes, but with great eyebrows, lipstick, and a love for One Direction. In her free time, she can be found inside avoiding the sun with a glass of Rosa Regale, probably either touching up her nose contour or adding more color to her hair to make herself resemble a peacock.