5 tried and tested Amazon beauty products

Image Source: CurvyLicious Me

Image Source: CurvyLicious Me

Every day I ask myself the same question: What would my skin look like today if Amazon Prime had been around in my teenage acne days? If you haven't deep dove into Amazon for their selection of cheap beauty products, what are you waiting for? From essential oils to hard-to-find Korean beauty products, Amazon is a treasure trove for affordable skincare products. Even better is that most of them have hundreds of reviews, so you can really do your research before adding everything to your cart and patiently waiting for your new goodies to get delivered right to your door.

Pure Bliss Makeup Setting Spray


I bought this setting spray on a whim after reading the good reviews and not wanting to shell out the money for an Urban Decay/Skindinavia spray, and let me tell you - this shit gets the job done. A few spritzes really refreshes your skin and takes away the look of powder, and I've seen a noticeable difference in the longevity of my makeup when I wear this.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask


This clay mask is a cult classic, and now I know why - this is INTENSE. You can mix it with either water or apple cider vinegar, but I would highly recommend opting for the ACV option, as that's what's made me notice the best results. This will make your skin so red, but the results are worth it. If you're like me and need to "feel" a product working - and your skin needs some serious TLC - you need to try this mask.

Gaia Purity Rosehip Oil


As an oily skin girl I've always been apprehensive to use more oil on my skin, but after hearing about the benefits of rosehip oil for your skin, I decided to give it a try - and I'm in love. I haven't noticed any drastic reduction in hyper pigmentation, but after I use this at night my skin always feels so soft and looks much more hydrated in the morning. There are lots of options for cold-pressed oils on Amazon, but I opted for this one since it has a pump (rather than a typical eye dropper).

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off


Thank you, Amazon, for selling brands like Skinfood so the rest of us can experience the wonders of Korean beauty products. This mask is somehow both exfoliating and moisturizing, getting rid of redness and helping improve skin's texture at the same time.

Mavala Stop


While thinking about this article, I remembered this miracle product I bought years ago and need to buy again - Mavala Stop. This is essentially a terrible tasting nail polish that stops you from biting your nails - and ACTUALLY WORKS! I've been biting my nails my entire life and the only time I've been able to grow them out is when I was religiously using this product.

Anything You'd Regularly Buy at the Drugstore but at a Fraction of the Cost

I sound like I'm being paid by Amazon (I'm not), but if you want to save on ridiculously overpriced makeup, Amazon is your best bet - and some things you can even get in a Prime Pantry box.

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