5 steps for social media self-care

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Self-care is the only way we can honestly preform radical political warfare through love and unplugging is one of the top ways to do that. Don't get me wrong, fuck all that "get off social media to get into the real world" bullshit. Social media is a wonderful way to stay connected with friends across the country, family and see good food on Instagram. I live my entire life online. I live in a city a couple hours away from my closest pals, my editor for my fellowship lives hours away, and as a journalist and blogger I spend most of my workday using social media.

But social media also leads to negative self-esteem, negative feed back leads to negative well-being, and only seeing the positives of other peoples lives leads us to misunderstanding the work it takes to become successful. So for those of us who genuinely, just cannot set their phone down all day, here are some tips to increase self-care and decrease screen time:

  1. Delete a few apps.
    1. I ended up deleting my Snapchat app and my Facebook app from my phone. It didn't do a ton, but I found that Snapchat was the app that made me most emotionally combative and comparative, and Facebook was the website that I wasted the most time.
  2. Shut notifications off
    1. Not for everything. I still have my text and call notifications, but try shutting off all your other facebook, instagram and twitter notifications. You're going to check the app anyway, and you'll be surprised how much easier it is to stay in the moment with the people around you when your phone isn't buzzing nonstop.
  3. Create boundaries
    1. Put the phone away around your friends. Only allow yourself ten minutes at a time, or 2 hours a day, or 20 hours a week. Whatever your parameters are, make them and stick to it.
  4. Clean out your accounts
    1. Go through each account and delete or block anyone or anything who could be emotionally harming you. I like to make lists - that way, I can still see what everyone is up to, but on my regular news sweep I'm not bombarded by menimists.
    2. Then, go follow WeRateDogs and KittersDoingThings on every social media account you have. You won't regret it.

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Christianna is an adventurous, optimistic feminist who can hold her own in a few topics: politics, music, baking and books. At a party, you can find her consoling the hostess’s pets and sipping a gin and tonic.