Seven Reasons Why Women Should Try CrossFit


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of CrossFit training. It’s an area of exercise that’s experienced a recent boom in popularity, and there are now a wide variety of CrossFit facilities available in almost any town or city.

But, even though most of us have heard of CrossFit, you might not be entirely sure of what exactly it is or why you should try it. With that in mind, we’re here to help clear up some of the confusion and help you understand why trying CrossFit might be a good idea for you.

What is CrossFit?

Before you decide to start any exercise regimen, it’s important to know what exactly it is you’re signing up for. This is particularly important with intense training programs, and CrossFit is definitely considered to be one of those.

Basically, CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness regimen that incorporates various aspects of other sports and exercise programs. The idea behind it (aside from the general concept of an intense workout) is to focus on “functional movements” while exercising, in order to build up core strength and condition your body.

Typically, CrossFit programs are tailored to help optimize your stamina, strength, speed, flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory health, agility, balance, and coordination, as well as a few other areas of fitness. The overall intention of CrossFit training is to make you physically fit and capable of performing a wide variety of physical activities.

Should I Try CrossFit?

1. Anyone Can Try It

CrossFit is specifically designed so that anyone can do it, regardless of age or natural ability. Each individual workout is scaled to the person in question, to help create an exercise regimen that is both the right amount of intensity and the most beneficial.

People from all walks of life are known to take part in and enjoy CrossFit programs, from students to office workers to stay-at-home parents to Olympic athletes. Thanks to the scaling system that is intrinsic to CrossFit regimens, anyone can participate and increase their physical well-being.

2. More Effective Than a Traditional Gym Workout

Almost all traditional gyms focus on specific exercises, such running or weightlifting, and this method is often coupled with personal trainers who encourage long periods of sit-ups, push-ups, or other repetitive exercises that theoretically improve your physical condition.

CrossFit is a better choice because of how it’s designed to help strengthen your entire body, not just certain parts of it. The idea behind CrossFit is that instead of doing long periods of low intensity exercises, you do short periods of high intensity exercises that are geared more towards cardiovascular health and increasing endurance.

3. Environment and Community

Unlike a commercial gym where you’re just another face among a sea of people all trundling away on exercise equipment, CrossFit instead fosters a community full of friendly and helpful individuals all striving towards the same goal of becoming as strong and healthy as possible.

CrossFit classes are typically kept small in size, so as to maximize the amount of time each member has with the coach. This same small class will progress through the training program together, as a team, which fosters a sense of closeness and camaraderie. This is very important, since it creates a positive workout environment which in turn will increase your productivity.

4. Teaching Methods

In a traditional gym, you’re pretty much left to your own devices for figuring out the equipment and what works best for you. There are almost never specialized trainers to help you understand how to best optimize your workout, just trainers who encourage you by saying that repetition is the key.

CrossFit trainers tend to approach things very differently. A CrossFit trainer will walk you through the training program step by step if necessary; their top priority is making sure that you are comfortable and confident in your ability to succeed in the regimen.

CrossFit trainers are also very emphatic on teaching the correct techniques for any and all exercises done during the course of the program. This is of critical importance, because improper technique can lead not only to ineffective exercises but potentially also injury from doing things incorrectly.

All CrossFit trainers go through intensive training programs to ensure that they are not only capable of demonstrating their lessons but that they are also well-suited for a teaching environment. 

5. Burns Calories Quickly

Because of how intense the CrossFit program is, you will burn calories much faster than you would through a more typical workout. The Workouts of the Days (referred to as WODs by some) are especially intense and will leave you burning a tremendous amount of calories.

6. Become Muscular While Still Staying Lean

Unlike more traditional workout programs that focus on specific areas of the body (such as legs or arms), CrossFit classes focus on improving your entire physical condition. You will develop lean muscle mass throughout your entire body, especially your core.

This is an important factor to consider, since some women are put off from intense weight lifting because they worry gaining “too much” muscle mass. But CrossFit training will help you become stronger while maintaining your overall body shape; your physique simply becomes more powerful, which is always a good thing.

7. Affordability

We all know how expensive gym memberships and personal trainers can be. CrossFit, however, was created with the intention of bringing beneficial high-intensity exercise to all people, regardless of age or financial class. As such, most CrossFit classes can be significantly more affordable than any gym subscription or personal trainer.

While the upfront costs of a CrossFit class might seem more expensive than a gym at first glance (a membership of good quality is usually $75 to $125, although some locations charge more), the accumulated fees that go along with gym memberships can add up quickly. At ordinary gyms, an average membership is typically $30 to $60. But there’s typically a registration fee for first-time members, too, and often an additional annual fee as well. Together with your main monthly cost, one year’s gym membership can be over $800. There are even some gyms that charge $200 a month, which would cost a whopping $2400 yearly.

And while some CrossFit gym memberships might seem expensive, the quality of the workouts and the personalized training more than makes up for this. Also, it is more than possible to find a CrossFit location that is more affordable. All CrossFit gyms are independently owned and operated, so pricing will be different at each location; look around until you find one within your budget.

You can sign up for a full year of CrossFit training (which admittedly can be more expensive) or sign up for just a few classes or work-outs at a time for a lower cost (the precise cost varies by location, but a single class typically costs only around twenty or thirty dollars).Many CrossFit facilities also give discounts for signing up for more than one month at a time, which can help reduce the overall cost.

Essentially, however, while a normal gym membership can cost you anything from $800 to $2400, a reasonably priced CrossFit membership should only cost you about $750 to $1500 (but again, this does depend on the individual pricing in your area, so make sure to check all your options before signing up). 

CrossFit is absolutely something you should try at least once, to see if it’s right for you. With all the potential benefits, there really is no harm in at least giving it a chance, especially if you are already budgeting fitness and exercises classes into your life. Give CrossFit a try, you might surprise yourself!

Eva Swain is a 28 year old mom blessed with a four year old boy. She is the founder of Women’s Guide. She has a passion for keeping up with the latest information and providing her audience with the facts they need to make better choices in their lives.