Female Instagram Artists to Brighten Your Feed

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My favorite social media trend as of late has been the doodles, comics and "amateur art" that has been popping up all over my Instagram feed. Almost always by amazing female artists, these wholesome works of art illustrate the joys and struggles of living as a twenty-first century woman and what it's like to navigate the intricacies of everyday life. Some are more deep, some are more silly, and they will all brighten your day with their cuteness, honesty and inherent goodness that we all need a bit more of on a daily basis.

A post shared by Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew) on

Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew)

As endearing as she is raw, Mari's art on grief, recovery and relationships was the inspiration for this list. Some of her illustrations feel like a warm hug, and others feel like a well-deserved pinch (both necessary in certain doses). 

"I wish I could be as put together as you are!!" -- girl that doesn't know me very well

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cartoonfeminist (@cartoonfeminist)

Simple, understated and always relatable, cartoonfeminist's unrefined but adorable sketches always feel like a note being passed from your BFF in homeroom.

Special thanks to these guys (especially # 1) 💕

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Nicole (@scribblesbynicole)

I don't think anyone's posts have made me say "same" than scribblesbynicole. She calls herself sassy, sweet, silly and sometimes serious, and you're guaranteed to tag a friend in at least one of her posts.

What's yours is mine. Including your hoodies 😙😉#catanacomics

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Catana Comics (@catanacomics)

I love Catana Comics so much I actually got my boyfriend and I matching shirts with her doodles on them. Her sickly sweet cartoons capture what it's like being in a long term relationship so well, and every one is cuter than the last.

Tuck me in a bed of mozzarella and bread, thanks

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Haley (@haleydrewthis)

I love how Haley's colorful pencil-filled drawings feel like you've picked up someone's sketchbook - they are always whimsical, smile-inducing and full of motivation and inspiration. 

Flo Perry (@floperrydraws)

You have definitely seen her comics via BuzzFeed, and for good reason - her goofy and inclusive drawings aren't afraid to "go there" with the grosser and wackier everyday facts of life. 

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