Bottle 2.0


When we began Bottle nearly two years ago, we had a vision for a cutting-edge, smart as hell feminist magazine that would reflect the passion and badass-ery of its editors and contributors. Armed with a DIY-Wordpress website and a headstrong attitude to follow our mantra and not bottle it up, we have written about everything from how to help during the current refugee crisis to the best Harry Potter fanfictions to piercing pain rankings and more.

We’ve grown, gotten tougher and have made our voices heard both online and in print, even through graduations, thanksgivings and an election that really made us want to stop talking. Our belief in the power of women and the strength we bring to everything we do has not faltered.

When we first decided to start Bottle, I was a junior in college. This month, I’m starting my first full-time post-grad job over at Newsweek. Along with the other women at Bottle, I’ve grown, moved (six times), gone through heartbreak, seen Donald Trump become president, got bangs and tried the sushi burrito. Through it all, I’ve become better. So have the rest of the women at Bottle.

We only felt it was appropriate for Bottle to reflect that same journey, to grow along with the women behind it. And who doesn’t love a good glow up?

Bottle is back and better than ever, with a new look and new faces to help us keep making the fierce and feminine content we’ve been publishing since the beginning.

We have a new creative director alongside our editorial staff, Isabelle Wang. Her idea for the redesign was simple: brighter colors and bolder images that reflect the voices behind Bottle, here to command your attention and demand a seat at the table.

Want to take a look? Pop back to some of our old pieces, renewed with our new vision. Or take a peep at some of our new pieces. Hope you’re living for it as much as we are.