Bottle turns 2

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The first time we published to Bottle Magazine, Michelle Obama lived in the White House, no one was eating Tide Pods, and we were typing into a draft on a free version of Wordpress. We were messaging and Skyping each other from across the country, half of us huddled on a living room floor in Tucson, the other half calling in from New York or Los Angeles. We moved, started new careers, lived through the double-whammy of 2016 and 2017, lost, loved and tried to laugh at ourselves through it all.

Bottle was a constant we needed, and we hope you all leaned on, too.

With a new editor in chief and creative director at our helm, we’ve debuted our print magazine and launched a complete redesign of the site. We’ve reported on important issues, like the Women’s March, the #MeToo movement and self care. We’ve brought dozens of new writers to the site, all the while maintaining the mission and culture that started Bottle two years ago: creating our own table where women can write about everything for everyone, striving to create content that matters and brings joy to ourselves and others.

And that’s what we hope to continue to do in the next two years. We’ll be launching a monthly newsletter, debuting some sweet new merch and delivering the same smart and sassy content we’ve been writing since day one.

Thank you for sticking with us the past two years, and thank you for continuing to support Bottle and your fellow Bottle bitches.

We leave you with some of our favorite work from the past two years:

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