Five Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


My favorite part of my day is the hour I have to myself in the morning. I brew a cup of coffee, do a bit of yoga, and play my favorite podcasts. Thankfully, there's no shortage of bad ass women on the podcast stream these days. So today I’ve rounded up my favorite free pods on the air, with the hope that you'll find a show or two perfect for your morning/ trek to work/ run around the block.


Stuff Mom Never Told You

Why? Created under the umbrella of How Stuff Works, Stuff Mom Never Told You is a research-driven rundown of the challenges facing women today. Co-hosts Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd tackle issues from nipples to marriages to feminism and pair it off with real-life solutions to further women's lives. If I were you, I'd start with their episode on Gals in the Gig Economy.

Length: About 45 minutes Host(s): Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd Perfect for: Listening with your mom



Why? Invisibilia is arguably NPR's best podcast out there - and NPR is a podcast giant. Invisibilia is Latin for invisible things, which is exactly what this show dissects: the invisible things that control human behavior. Invisibilia interweaves storytelling with scientific research that usually leaves me feeling uneasy and questioning my attitude about everything. I'd start with the first episode of the most recent season: Emotions Part One.

Length: About an hour Host(s): Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel Perfect for: Listening with your dad


Cosmo Happy Hour

Why? It's a solid take on everyday feminism. Like the kind of daily feminism you talk to your girlfriends about at happy hour or you talk to your mom about on the phone (if you have a really good relationship with your mom). Cosmo Happy Hour deals with every issue you talk to your friends about after work or over brunch. Over the past two years, I've lived in five different cities, and this podcast has low-key made up my most reliable friend group in each of those places.

Length: About 45 minutes Host(s): Elisa Benson Perfect for: Listening while you work out


Guys We Fucked

Why? Unapologetically feminist, funny and sex-positive, Guys We Fucked takes two incredibly smart and brave women and has them interview some (occasionally humorous, usually a little dumb) men. I have literally found myself clutching my stomach with laughter on the subway ten minutes into an episode, and at the end of each of them, I feel more empowered than I did in the beginning.

Length: Usually about an hour. Host(s): Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson Perfect for: Listening with your partner


Feminist Killjoys, PhD

Why? This show tackles big, complicated issues and topics and examines them thoughtfully through a feminist lens. It's a great listen that will make you think, will stretch your knowledge of pop culture, politics, current events and everything in between. You'll walk away feeling like you learned something on issues you already knew plenty about.

Length: Usually about an hour Host(s): Dr. Melody Hoffmann and Dr. Raechel Tiffe Perfect for: Listening to on your flight to visit your family


What are your favorite fem podcasts? Share them with us on Twitter or Instagram, or in the comments below.

Christianna is an adventurous, optimistic feminist who can hold her own in a few topics: politics, music, baking and books. At a party, you can find her consoling the hostess’s pets and sipping a gin and tonic.