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Woman - The Least Credible Source

"Hysterical." "Overactive." "Crazy." These are the words our society uses to label women as un-credible and untrustworthy, and we see this in our everyday interactions as well as well as the very definitions of our culture. There are many ways you can take away a person’s power, and one pretty efficient way is by taking away their credibility. Women in today’s society deal with this in more ways than one.

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9 ways male feminists can actually help

Feminism is about dismantling the patriarchy and, like Emma Watson, I believe there’s always enough space for more feminists – regardless of their gender. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy for men to support the feminist movement without being complete cold corndogs, though. Here are nine ways men can be feminists without perpetuating shitty social power dynamics.

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